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For many years at Casino Watchdogs, the players have ranked the online casinos. Now, the data is avaliable to the public. It is based on which online casino is highly ranked and avaliable by country, which online casino is available by state, and which online casino is avaliable by casino game type.

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Overall Score
Player's Club
Banking:  161
Bonus:  162
Cash Out:  64
Customer Support:  64
Graphics:  98
Odds:  110
Total Score:  110
*Casino scores are out of 200 points.

Total Score:  84
Reviewed By:
Banking:  176 Bonus:  180 Cash Out:  10
Customer Support:  30 Graphics: 90 Odds: 20
not that good
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Total Score:  128
Reviewed By:
Banking:  200 Bonus:  200 Cash Out:  2
Customer Support:  2 Graphics: 200 Odds: 160
I'd have to say this is the far best online casino I've come across with, they have an exceptional customer service. Banking is easy, withdrawal is not a hassel like all other casinos ie::: GOLDEN PALACE is a nightmare! I'll come back to Playersclub to play any day and I highly suggest any players to come here. Trust me, some online casino rob you blind and refuse to pay you when you request withdrawal, sometimes they make me wanna cry, but I find that at least there is ONE good online casino, not sure about the odds, but at least I'm NOT losing thousands with a few minutes - so I believe they're not rigged!
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Total Score:  124
Reviewed By:
Banking:  160 Bonus:  160 Cash Out:  140
Customer Support:  120 Graphics: 2 Odds: 160
Enjoyed this casino...played for a long time. The graphics were not all that great. Great odds on blackjack.
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Total Score:  104
Reviewed By:
Banking:  108 Bonus:  106 Cash Out:  104
Customer Support:  102 Graphics: 100 Odds: 100
Nice graphics, great Single Deck BJ! Weekly $50 Bonus with first deposit. Accepts NETeller/Firepay and CC, within 3 days I had my money in my NETeller account. Did a test and support responded within 15minutes via email
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