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Review For Vegas Villa

Overall Score
Vegas Villa
Banking:  143
Bonus:  107
Cash Out:  91
Customer Support:  93
Graphics:  159
Odds:  97
Total Score:  115
*Casino scores are out of 200 points.

Total Score:  70
Reviewed By:
Banking:  100 Bonus:  2 Cash Out:  2
Customer Support:  40 Graphics: 180 Odds: 100
I was very disastisfied with Vegas Villa. I got their free no deposit bonus......yea right. There was no way to win money with it. You had to make a deposit ino order to withdrawal any winnings. However this was not specifically written into their rules and regulations. It was kinda vaguely inferred........NOT FAIR
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Total Score:  120
Reviewed By:
Banking:  140 Bonus:  140 Cash Out:  120
Customer Support:  100 Graphics: 120 Odds: 100

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Total Score:  154
Reviewed By:
Banking:  190 Bonus:  180 Cash Out:  150
Customer Support:  140 Graphics: 176 Odds: 90
the bonus was was good 5 xB+D,recoomend pay thru credit card..if you pay through neteller you combine 2 bonuses therefore the wager requirement is larger pay with CC 100 + 100 x 5 =1000 wager requiremnt if you pay with neteller 100 + 100 +100 + 10= 1550,because of a combined bonuse.
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