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Review For Royal Vegas Poker

Overall Score
Royal Vegas Poker
Banking:  80
Bonus:  60
Cash Out:  40
Customer Support:  120
Graphics:  120
Odds:  2
Total Score:  70
*Casino scores are out of 200 points.

Total Score:  70
Reviewed By:
Banking:  80 Bonus:  60 Cash Out:  40
Customer Support:  120 Graphics: 120 Odds: 2
I can personally vouch that this site does manipulate cards dealt. After playing for two weeks on it, everything was going well, and I had won a good amount of money, many bad beats in there, some a little unbelievable, (AA flop A 7 2 offsuit, all in, lost to J2), but overall seemed ok. Then I tried tow withdraw. The day my withdraw went through, My win % on 8-10 person tables went down from 13% for 2 weeks to 4% which it stayed at for the next 5 days that I stayed with them. During that time, my hit percentage of anything including low pair dropped from the 30%-40% average when including 4 flushes, down to around 15%. My hit rate for Flushes when have 4 flush on flop and on draw dropped to about 15%, and my hit rate on outside straight draws dropped to less than 10%. when flop flush12 times in a row with pocket Aces or pocket Kings, with all ins against 1 or 2 people. This happened as a trend over the 6 days directly after my withdraw was processed. On top of all of this, got outdrawn by other players consistently. 3 times in a row when hitting top set, was outdrawn with one on one betting by an inside straight draw. I calculated the odds of underhitting so much, and of losing with AA and KK so many times for a couple hour period, playing on multiple tables, and the odds were on the line of 1/10^17. Anyone who is thinking of joining Royal Vegas, don't, and if you do, just be prepared to get screwed over once you withdraw. When you withdraw anything, withdraw all of it, and put your money somewhere else. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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