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Game Type:

Review For 7 Sultans (15 Mins)

Overall Score
7 Sultans (15 Mins)
Banking:  100
Bonus:  100
Cash Out:  0
Customer Support:  10
Graphics:  10
Odds:  10
Total Score:  38
*Casino scores are out of 200 points.

Total Score:  38
Reviewed By:
Banking:  100 Bonus:  100 Cash Out:  0
Customer Support:  10 Graphics: 10 Odds: 10
Took the 500 and 15 mins no deposit free spins. Keep what you win offer. You have to register a real account first. I don't do slots. Can't understand 'em. You have to bet a minimum of a 100 =1unit to qualify and you can only play the game that pops up in front of you. My tip here is to select the max bet (x3) and just keep hitting the spin button. I just had a feeling that they want you to win to stash your cash with them. Won 150 which I then had to deposit a minimum of 20 dollars to be able to transfer the win as real cash to play with. They saythere may be a wait of up to one day before the transfer, but it was completed in 30mins. I played roulette over aperiod of about 5 days and took the pot up to around 860. Then got an e mail from support to say they were closing for 2 hours to update and enhance the players experiance. When I went back it took a lot longer to win. It was a real struggle to add another 50 odd dollars. Then the 900 mark seemed to set alarm bells off. I hit a dry run. Which okay your going to do, you are gambling after all right. Then very shortly after that, within about 3 spins I hit another dry run. All I will say is with that luck the casino should do the lottery! Was that the "enhancement?' Nothing else had changed, no new games etc. So I cashed out my money. What an appaling and unacceptable proceedure. Firstly your bonus is tranfered to real money slowly as you play. The casino 'wait for 24 hours after your withdrawel request. In case you change your mind. (What!!!) They will only pay out a few ways and may take up to 8 working days to 'process'. So the card or e wallet they eagerly took your money from might not be on thier list to pay back to. Bank transfers cost you. And at the end of the 8 days, they may then decide to send you a cheque (check). Disgracefull in this day and age they can get away with this shoddy treatment Who actually polices the software the casinos use? And who polices the payout methods? Are they able to 'jig' the software? Well they are not supposed to be able to, But it kinda get you thinking right?Just for the banking methods employed this casino (and probably th erest of the group sholud be placed on the bottom of the list. I don't know how long it will take to get my money back, as I can only post once on this casino, so I can't keep you informed. After playing here I wouldn't use my own money. They just don't like winners.
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