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For many years at Casino Watchdogs, the players have ranked the online casinos. Now, the data is avaliable to the public. It is based on which online casino is highly ranked and avaliable by country, which online casino is available by state, and which online casino is avaliable by casino game type.

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Online Casino Contest

Using Caution With Online Contests
Be careful with your email address
How many times have you been online when a pop-up comes like an old friend enticing you to try your luck at winning? Recently a keno game wanted to offer the chance to win a money account. The minimum win was $150. Other offers are for the chance to win a few free online poker games. While the odds of winning in the contest are likely to be just as high as playing the online poker game, its something many try.

One online contest offered up to $5000 just for answering three questions, plus three bonus questions. Going to that site showed all the winners. The chance to see ones name in the winners list would tempt any pessimist. But the end result is business. And most online casino contests are linked to a casino.

While they offer the chance to win anywhere from $50 to $250,000, they want you to join their site. You can download for free, and some even offer some “free” money to get you started till you’re the next lucky winner.

There is no shortage of online casino contests. Just searching around on the web can bring you to a plethora of gaming sites claiming that anyone has the potential to win their no purchase necessary contest. This has become just a bonus to the online casino industry.

Once you fill out your online contestant form, the e-mails keep you up to date about the casino and all the new offers not to be missed. The contests can be fun, but one should exercise caution when choosing an online casino contest. Many unscrupulous individuals like to run scams, preying on the hopes of those wanting to be the next winner.

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