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Idiot Guide To Gambling

Online Gambling
The idiot's guide to online gambling
Gambling is not rocket science. It's not even a game of checkers. Casinos want to make gambling as easy as possible so that more people play, and more money is exchanged. Walking into a casino may be a little intimidating because of the full frontal assault on your senses, but once you get through that, it's actually quite fun.

If you've never been to a casino before, and think a trip down to the gaming parlor could turn your Honda Civic into a Cadillac, throw that thought at the window right now. If there is one thing you need to know when going to a casino, it's this:

Casinos are in business because there is a house advantage on virtually every game they offer.

Bingo and Poker are the exceptions. But that's only because the casino can charge you money to play, or they will take a percentage of the winnings. Besides, in Bingo you have to be extremely lucky, and in Poker you have to be extremely experienced to make any money. So let's ignore those for a second.

My Idiot Guide to Gambling would be this: Before your first visit to a casino, get comfortable with the game of Roulette. That's the game with the numbered wheel and the black and red numbers. No bet is complicated; every bet you make is based on what number a marble will land on. There doesn't have to be any interaction with other players either, so no idiots will be screaming at you for messing up the bet.

Once in the casino take some time to check out the other games. You are free to stand at a table and casually watch the action. Get a feel for the game. Books can tell and teach you a lot of things except the most important; hands on experience. Games are much easier to pick up watching the action rather than reading about it.

My personal suggestion; watch the game of Craps. It's some of the most fun you can have in a casino, and you can get some really good odds. It might look like a bag of monkeys at first, but after a few minutes of watching you can get the hang of it. And once that happens, you won't need any Idiot guide to gambling. You'll be a pro!

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