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Free Betting Systems

Blackjack hedging and craps strategies
Free Betting Systems
So, you want some free betting systems, eh? No problem. First of all, let's run over some things that you should know:

  1. Every betting hand that is delt has its own odds doesn't change. The odds stay the same(unless you can count cards).
  2. If you lose 30 hands in a row when betting, are your odds better to win the next hand? The answer is no. Every hand that is delt has the same odds ranking.
  3. You should treat every roll of the dice, every blackjack hand, and every spin of the roullette wheel as a separate odds event. The occurances before the roll have no berring on what will happen next.

Now, with that being said here are some real free betting systems that can help you hedge your bet - if you want to play longer at the table or more aggressive strategies that will help you win higher amounts of money.

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Free Betting Systems - Hedging Your Bets
How would you like to stay at the craps table for hours and hours while getting free drink after free drink? Here's how you do it:

  1. Place minimum bet on the pass line
  2. Place the exact same size bet on the don't pass line (I know this may seem strange, but you can only lose with a 12 and you only lose half of your total table bet)
  3. Wait until a point is rolled (Notice I said get a free drink)
  4. Now place the maximum odds on whichever way you think the dice will go, you get to choose. Bet with the house by backing up your odds on the don't pass line or bet with the players by backing up your odds on the pass line. (The don't pass line odds bet is slightly better odds)
  5. Wait until you win (Have another drink). No matter what you will win one of the bets, however, you may lose more on the other bet. This is the principle of hedging.
  6. With this strategy you will be able to stay at the tables for hours. You will not win big, but you won't lose big either and you will receive a ton of free drinks/casino comps!

Click here to try playing this craps strategy for free.

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Free Betting Systems - Hedging Your Bets
Blackjack Strategy
If you want to stay at the blackjack tables for a long time you need to play a perfect blackjack betting system. This is how:

  1. Print out this card
  2. Check the rules of the blackjack table to see if you can double down on any hand.
  3. Bet the minimum amount every time
  4. Never do anything different than what the perfect blackjack card tells you to do (unless the table rules won't let you).

Click here to try this at a new online casino. You can also learn to cheat the casinos legally with their own bonuses by clicking here.

Click here to try these free betting systems at blackjack.

Free Betting Systems - Aggressive Strategies
Warning: If you play this way you will need a large bankroll $300+ You will either win a ton of money or lose a ton. Out of the free betting systems - This is for the aggressive gambler:

  1. I recommend playing online if you are going to do this...the odds are better and you will receive free bonus money.
  2. Place a $5 blackjack bet, only play perfect blackjack betting systems
  3. If you win double it $10 bet, if you lose go back to step 2
  4. If you win again double it $20 bet, if you lose go back to step 2
  5. If you win again (you have won $35) or lose go back to step 2
  6. Cash out after you have a total of $650

This system will keep you from betting more as you are on a losing streak, also it will force you to bet more when on a winning streak and take your money after you have won.

This completes the free betting systems that I have used, however, if you would like to send me your own free betting systems please contact me below:
--< Watchdog >--Free Betting Systems

Click here to try these free betting systems at blackjack.

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