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Casino Watchdogs rankings of slot machine payouts

So, you want to find the best online slot machine payouts, eh? Well, Casino Watchdogs has put together a list that every slot machine player will like. The grid below shows which online casinos offer the best odds or payouts for slot players.

Ranking Online Casino Slot Machine Payout Comments
1. Grand Bay Casino (
96.36% Grand Bay Casino offers online slot tournaments every week. They also offer the famous Major Millions Progressive slot machine.
2. Captain Cooks Casino (
96.08% Captain Cooks Casino is currently running a 1 hour free promotion, play for free, win for real. This promotion is set to expire soon though.
3. Casino Kingdom (
96.05% Casino Kingdom has 52 regular slot machines, 20 progressive slot machines, and 36 video poker machines. Players tell us that they never get bored playing here.

Understanding Online Slot Machine Payouts


It’s been written that slot machines were invented to keep wives and girlfriends busy while giving the men more time to gamble. In any case, almost seventy percent of land casino’s revenue comes from slot machines, making Slots the most popular game in the land casino.

If you want to win at slot machines it’s important to know how slot machines work and then to understand their payouts, odds and a few tips to make you a better slots player.

Online Slot Machine Mechanics

Online slot machines work the same way as land slot machines. There is a computer program inside the slot machine that randomly generates numbers, both winning and losing. Scientifically, there is no such thing as a hot or cold slot machine. The numbers are always displayed randomly thus there is no strategy as to how to win at slot machines; however, just like any game or anything for that matter, it’s important to understand the mechanics of something before you attempt your hand at it. Would you want to drive a big rig without first understanding the mechanics of the truck?

Online Slot Machine Rules

Basically, to win at Slots you need to match up certain symbols, images and numbers, along the line that you have wagered on. There are many different types of slot machines: Progressive Slots, 3-reel Slots and gimmicky Multi-Line Slot machines with unique video graphics often of animals or food, with up to 15 lines. You can only win if you match up the symbols on the line you’ve wagered on. In Progressive and 3-reel slots there is often only one pay line and that is the line where the symbols must match up.

If you play more than one line in Multi-Line symbols you will win if you match up your symbols on any of the lines you have selected.

Online Slot Machine Payouts

Slot machine payouts vary considerably. A payout schedule is always available to refer to. Know the payout schedule when playing slot machines. The find the best online Slot Machine payouts it is a good idea to compare payout schedules between different Slots. If you hit more seldom seen symbols or numbers the payouts will be considerably higher.

The money you win on Slot Machines will also depend on the amount of coins you play on each line. If you play 1 coin and you hit a combination with a payout of 4, you will win 4 coins. If you wagered 3 coins, you would win 12 coins.

Slot machines are a lot of fun and there is always a chance to hit a jackpot; however, when playing, remember there is no strategy and since the Slots are such a fast moving game you can lose a lot of money in a short period of time.

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